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Military Waterproof Work Safety Shoes Tactical Boots

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These women's over-the-knee boots stand out with their unique design and material, making them especially suitable for winter wear. The following are the core features of the product:


1. **Style and Style**: This is a fashionable outdoor boot with a popular ankle strap design, which is both practical and decorative. The tightness can be personalized to suit different leg types.


2. **High-quality material**: The boot shaft is made of corduroy fabric, which has a thick texture and a retro feel with good warmth retention performance; the upper is also made of corduroy material, ensuring a unified overall style and comfort.


3. **Inner lining and insole**: The lining is made of plush material, which is soft and skin-friendly, providing excellent warmth retention effect; the insole is made of fur, which enhances the comfort and breathability of the shoes, and also adds a luxurious texture.


4. **Sole configuration**: The rubber sole is wear-resistant and non-slip, ensuring stable walking in slippery or complex terrain and meeting the needs of outdoor activities.


5. **Heel height design**: The boots adopt an ultra-high heel design (more than 8 cm), which gives the wearer an elegant temperament and takes stability into consideration, making it especially suitable for winter parties or special occasions.


6. **Handmade**: These boots are made in mainland China. They are fully handmade with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each pair contains the artistic charm of ingenuity.




- Model: 1705

- Boot height: above the knee

- Heel height: super high heel (≥8cm)

- Size: normal size range

- Opening type: Lace-up

- Boot material: corduroy

- Upper material: corduroy

- Inner material: plush

- Insole material: fur

- Sole Material: Rubber




- Since it is made of corduroy material, it is recommended to avoid prolonged contact with sharp objects to prevent scratching the fabric.

- When wearing over-the-knee high-heeled boots, pay attention to keeping the boots straight and use special boot braces to store them to prevent the boots from deforming due to long-term folding.

- Pay attention to walking safety when wearing ultra-high heels, especially on slippery surfaces and in outdoor activities to prevent slipping.

- When cleaning and maintaining, appropriate methods should be adopted based on the characteristics of the corduroy fabric to avoid washing causing the velvet to collapse or fade. You can use a soft cloth to wipe stains and let it dry naturally.

- Because they are handmade products, each pair of shoes may have slight differences. This is the uniqueness of handicrafts. Please understand and cherish this unique handmade value.

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Military Waterproof Work Safety Shoes Tactical Boots

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