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Waterproof Anti Slip Cotton Boots

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▶ Artificial wool insole:

1. Thermal insulation: It can provide better insulation effect and make the feet feel more comfortable.

2. Moisture absorption: It can absorb foot sweat and keep the shoes dry.

3. Softness: It is relatively soft and can improve the comfort of the insole.

4. Easy to clean: Compared to natural plush, artificial plush is easier to clean and maintain.

▶ Polyester fiber upper: very durable, able to withstand long-term use and washing; Not easily wrinkled, even after multiple washes, it will not deform or lose its shape; Lightweight and soft, comfortable to wear, without making people feel heavy or stuffy; Easy to clean, machine washable or hand washable, without fading or damage.

▶ Anti slip polyurethane sole: The polyurethane material has a low density and a light weight, so the overall volume of the sole is lightweight and comfortable to wear, without affecting the stride due to the heavy bottom; Polyurethane sole has a certain degree of anti slip performance, which can provide necessary grip on wet and slippery roads, effectively ensuring the walking safety of the wearer.

▶ Applicable occasions: jogging, running, walking, outdoor, gathering, sports, indoor, outdoor, leisure, trendy and any other occasions.

▶ The weight of 410 grams is very light.

▶ Women's comfortable cotton shoes, women's lightweight cotton shoes, fashionable women's shoes, warm shoes, snow boots.


Size: Normal size

Gender: Man

Material: Polyester fiber upper, Artificial wool insole, Anti slip polyurethane sole

Weight: 390g-440

Packaging: 1 bag

Seasons: Winter

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Waterproof Anti Slip Cotton Boots

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